Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Strong abilities in both team work and independent work

1. 1 year experience as software project manager and 4 years of experiences as Software Quality project manager with PMP cerficationhttp://developerweb.net/forum
2. 4 years of overall experiences in software development including 2 years on mobile SMS using C++ under Unix3. 3 years of experience of process manager4. 3 years as ISO9000 lead auditor with audit experience on different areas Make A Bridal Shower Card
5. Strong abilities in both team work and independent work;
6. Learn and accept new technology quickly. More than 6 years R&D experience in architecture and module of EPON, GPON, XGPON1,http://www.sweetwater.com/forums WDMPON and NGPON (Next Generation PON).Strong background in PON’s system, module and protocol (including ITU-T G.984 & G.987, IEEE 802.3ah & 802.3av, Ethernet, TCP/IP and etc.)
test and verificationMore than 3 years successful experience in technical leader of NGPON?
Inventor of 3 granted patent( US and China)
More than 2 years experience on standard management in optical access networkReliable and responsiblehttp://forum.cgiscript.net
Active, open & honest communicationGood leadershipGood cooperationMarket-oriented thinking for organizationSkills and StrengthsSenior level executive Military Weddingwith hands on experiences in managementTips for Wearing Pearls, business leadership, andworking with board of directors, strong in
financial and business analysis, http://jobmarket.tw/bbs
budget andforecast, business valuations, motivating staffs and driving organizational improvements.Including following points:? Choose A Wedding Cake Financial and strategic planning? http://forums.cacti.net Budget development and management? Business and financial analysis
? Controlling and profitability improvement? Purchasing and logistics? Staffs management and deve

Certificate of Junior-level Accountant

1.Participated in preparing business planning, financial budgeting.2.Experienced in preparing analysis report on cost and profitability.
3.Proficient in use of various computer software such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Dreamweaver UltraDev, Smart ER and AIWIN0.
4.Familiar with accounting software such as Simply Accounting, ACCPAC.5.A “self-starter” and “hard worker” and able to work cooperatively as part of

team.Result driven, detailed oriented professional with 8 years experience in both account management & sales management in MNC. Proven ability to handle

multi-tasks through decision making and problem solving. Demonstrated track record of significantly improvement in internal process by setting and executing SOP. Strong data management experience in building uphttp://www.redakcjawojskowa.pl/gazeta/forum report template to conduct quantitative analysis. Good communicator with international mindset and persuasive skill.6.Good communication, listening, reading and writing skills.
7.Honesty, out-going, high-energyhttp://dom.bankir.ru , enthusiasm.8.Certificate of Junior-level Accountant (May 2000, P.R.China)
9.Certificate of Intermediate Computer Skills (1998, P.R.China)
10.Certificate of Office Automation Skills (1998, P.R.China)
11.Certificate of Accounting Computerization Skills (1998, P.R.China)As an english major,I have got the certificate of CET6, TEM4 and TEM8. Choose A Wedding Florist Being excellent
in interpretation and translation, i am assigned to travel abroad to work and communicate with foreigners which greatlyhttp://forum.slysoft.com enhanced my english skill and communication skill. During my three-year work in Universal Travel Group,Save on Your Wedding-Part i tap my full potential as the IR representative to effectively communicate with our investors which maximize Perfect Wedding Dressesthe benefits and interests of the Company and the investors!As an english major,I have got the certificate of CET6, TEM4 and TEM8. Being Some Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding excellent in interpretation and translation, i am assigned to travel abroad to work and communicatehttp://forums.vogue.com.au with foreigners which greatly enhanced my english skill and communication skill. During my threehttp://forum.food-info.net-year work in Universal Travel Group,i tap my full potential as the IR representative to effectively communicate with our investors which maximize the benefits and interests of the Company and the investors!

detail oriented and self-motivated

Excellent C programming skills, 6+ years project design and implement experience.
Strong experience and skill in problem analysis, resolution, and debugging.Good experience of UNIX kernels in kernel/driver design http://academi.ca/forumand development.
Knowledge of UNIX kernels in process management Wedding Planning cleverjoe , memory anagement, interrupt handlers, http://www.apachefriends.org/f synchronization, memory mapping and DMA.
Knowledge of some hardware architecture in X86, SPARC, PCI Express, and APIC.
Knowledge of Single Root I/O Virtualization and Sharing.KnowleSkills and Strengths
Excellent C programming skills, 6+ years project design and implement experience.
Strong experience and skill in problem analysis, resolution, and debugging.
Good experience of UNIX kernels in kernel/driver design and development.
Knowledge of UNIX kernels in process management, memory management, interrupt handlers,
synchronization, memory mapping and DMA.
Knowledge of some hardware architecture in X86, SPARC, PCI Express, and APIC.
Knowledge of Single Root I/O Virtualization and Sharing.
Knowledge of network architecture and IP routing protocols.
Good English communication skills,http://www.gossipcheck.com both Best Wedding Venueverbal and written.Excellent communication and organization skills http://forums.gumtree.com
Long-term frontier sales experience
Excellent client relationship
Ability to solve and control projectsNative speaker of Mandarin, fluent in English, both oral and writtenChoosing Flowers By Season
Independent, mature, focused, detail oriented and self-motivated
Dynamic, flexible, willing to take challenges
Outstanding analytical and interpersonal skills, proactive with good teamwork attitude
Interests: Traveling,Own Personalized Wedding Card community service, movies, swimming, tennis and jogging http://ambalama.phpbb3now.com

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IBM qualified Advisory IT Architect

•14 years IT industry working experience
•PMP - PMI project management professional certification (2004)
•Used to be Lead of ISSC ed hardy trousersTechnical Leader Community(2004-2007)
•Thorough knowledge in the development and implementation of computer programs, including Client/Server, Main/Terminal, Personaled hardy hoodies
•IBM qualified Advisory IT Architect
•IBM Certified Solutions Expert - DB2 Family Application Development and Administration
Career Objective:ed hardy underwear
CIO/IT Director, Application Developmented hardy Director/ExecutiveI am an active, innovative person, a good team-worker, with rich nutrition and medicine knowledge, teaching and management experiences. ed hardy clothesI wish I have a try in different fields. cosmopolitan
cute cat

And for long-term

Be good at interpersonal communication skill, analytical and
systematic problem-solving ability.Be a self-motivated team player.High career integrity. Attention to detail. Possess can-do attitude.Be able to meet management's expectations. Understand inventory control systems,tn requin JIT, EOQ, FIFO & LIFO. Understand KANBAN systemtn chaussure. Understand the operations of ERP system. Be good at using Microsoft application software, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, &Project 2000. Be fluent in oral and written English.chaussures tn
Career Objective:
To find an employment position to develop my professional career in
Production/Supply Chain Management industry based on my knowledge and experiences.To be an excellent electrical engineer became my important dream since the day I chose Electrical Engineering Chaussure Nikeas my major. So, my short term and long term objectives will be subject to that. For short-term,ed hardy shirts I plan to adjust myself to a role of engineer from a student. And for long-term, I wish I could become an expert in this field. Andrea, Italy

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Research finds new genes that play role in Alzheimer's

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US and European researchers have identified two new genes that may play a role in the development of Alzheimer's

disease and could help unravel new treatments, a study published Tuesday said.Researchers have now uncovered nine genes they believe are

involved in the development of Alzheimer's Disease (AD), according to a study published in the May 12 issue of the Journal of the American

Medical Association."Identifying each of these new genes... points to new biological pathways involved in the development of AD," said senior

author Sudha Seshadri, an associate professor of neurology at the Boston University School of Medicine."Although such benefits are likely a

decade away, studying these pathways should lead to new ways to postpone, prevent and perhaps treat the disease."
The researchers were able to assemble the largest sample to date for their study by combining their data with previously-published material,

creating a sample of 35,000 people, over 8,000 of whom developed Alzheimer's."This highly collaborative international effort enabled researchers

to build the large sample size needed to identify elusive gene variants that may play a role in this devastating neurological disease," said Marilyn
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Miller of the National Institute on Aging."Such collaborations are key to a fuller understanding of the many genetic factors that may contribute to

overall risk for late onset Alzheimer's and how these genes affect the development of the disease."The National Institute on Aging is part of the

US National Institutes of Health and helped fund the collection of data for the study, as well as its analysis.It is estimated that one in five people

aged 65 or older will develop Alzheimer's over the remainder of their lifetime.Certain genetic variations are believed to play a key role in the

development of Alzheimer's, which is more likely to affect people who have a family history of the disease.http://www.skaterscafe.com


enough on the subsidies in the bill that help people to buy insurance. "Most people want coverage. People shouldn't focus so much on what

the rules are in terms of making you get coverage," she said. "I think the good news for most people is they'll be able finally to have some

choices, some ability to really control their own health decisions, and some help paying for it. It's really one of the biggest middle-class tax cuts

for health care that's ever been put in place in the history of the country."The health-care law's potential price tag went up today, when the

Congressional Budget Office released a new estimate forecasting an additional $115 billion in discretionary spending over the next decade. The

CBO had earlier set that cost at $778 billion over the next 10 years. And, with corresponding revenues and cost reductions factored in, the

agency said the reformShirts north face jackets north face north face outlet store discount north face jackets Men's Spyder Jackets north face factory outlet your jacket measure would reduce the deficit by $138 billion over the same time period. The new figures wipe out much of that

deficit reduction and bring the total price above the politically sensitive trillion-dollar barrier. Sebelius said she hadn't seen the new CBO figures

but that the new projected spending wasn't part of the bill's "core."There's lots of discretionary funding," she said. "So if funding is made

available for this program or that program a€” there are lots of ideas in the bill that aren't really priced out. And I think that will be on a case-by-

case basis. When Congress feels that there are appropriate dollars to spend, they'll allocate them. But that really isn't in the core package of the

bill."Even though it is the law of the land, health-care reform continues to face fierce resistance from some quarters — 22 states have either filed

or threatened to file lawsuits claiming that the insurance mandate is unconstitutional. Some GOP senators have indicated that the issue will come

up in Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings — a prospect that Sebelius says won't yield much substantive discussion. "It's

unlikely that she or any other nominee would engage in a real discussion" on an issue that could come before the court, Sebelius said, but she's

confident that the mandate passes constitutional muster and dismisses the lawsuits as political maneuvers.
"I know that there have been some challenges by attorneys general — most of whom are actually candidates for some higher office — and I

think it's not unlikely that this has as much to do with politics as it does with constitutional law," Sebelius said. "But we're going to move ahead

and implement the strategies of the plan. And there's a lot of good news available for Americans, including the policy we rolled out today.http://www.tunesmith.net/forums